Trying To Simplify My Life And Focus On Less Media

    Trying To Simplify My Life And Focus On Less Things | heartnatured

    Trying to simplify my life and focus on less screen time.

    Every social media outlet can be a source of life or death, it’s how you balance it, what you make it. I am a sharer, writer, creator, celebrating the small and big of life — that will always be me — so I enjoy social media outlets. Blogging and Instagram inspire me to be creative, thoughtful, to see the beauty or lesson in any circumstance.

    They encourage me to make art out of the mundane (if you follow me on Instagram, you see this in my photos of coffee or a plant), to enjoy the little moments. They challenge me to be light in a dark work, to share authentic life for those that are hurting or discouraged.

    I’ve met a lot of great people online, via social media, from all over. Women I would never know otherwise, which is pretty rad.

    Social media can be shallow if you let it be shallow. It can be a cause for envy or comparison, if you aren’t content with who you are, if you aren’t finding your identity in Jesus alone. It can define your worth if you let it, sending you up and down like a roller coaster. It can be a distraction, if you aren’t thoughtfully paying attention to where you give your time.

    But, if you put it in its proper place, let it be what it was simply created to be, a small snapshot of your real life, it has the potential to add something sweet and fun to the already real moments you have.

    All of that to say, as I’ve said multiple times on this blog, I go through seasons of blog and media activity. Sometimes I’m super activity on all platforms, and I’m digging it. Other times, like right now, my life feels spread a little too thin all over the internet.

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    Things To Give Up If You Want To Feel Happier

    5 Things To Give Up If You Want To Feel Happier | heartnatured

    Let’s cut right to the chase, shall we? These are pretty groundbreaking… things I (imperfectly, but valiantly) try to fight off… an effort to feel joyful, free, and light-hearted.


    It brings you down. It brings other people down. Complaining casts a shadow on just about any moment, don’t you think?  Maya Angelou said this, “What you’re supposed to do when you don’t like a thing is change it. If you can’t change it, change the way you think about it. Don’t complain.”

    Negative self-talk

    Sometimes we are our own worst critics. And majority of the time, what I’m worrying about (a bad hair day or forehead zit), other people don’t even notice. So instead of beating myself down, why not build myself up? Why not preach positive affirmations to myself? Why not remind myself of God’s beautiful and powerful promises, my identity in Him, and His love for me? Boom.

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    Chelsea’s Best of Augusta, GA

    Chelsea's Best of Augusta, GA | heartnatured

    It may not be super famous, it may not be the capital of our state, but I like being an Augusta local. I enjoy traveling both near and far, but I am glad to call Augusta, Georgia my home. The above photo is a cool dusk shot of downtown Augusta from the Savannah River, that I surprisingly found on Shutterstock.

    Below are a few of my favorite things…

    Good Eats

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    Week 16/52: Spin Bike, Pool Time, and Rascal Flatts

    Eventful week and weekend! Went to spin classes that kicked my butt. Ran three miles for the first time in months. Assembled my own spin bike that arrived (yay!). Celebrated my best friend at a “three-weeks-to-your-wedding” lunch with some sweet ladies. Saw Rascal Flatts in concert with my mom and sister. And spent some great time in the sunshine with my man.

    It was filled with equal parts rest and busyness. Praise Him.

    Week 16/25: Spin Bike, Pool Time, and Rascal Flatts

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    What I Learned About Health From Cameron Diaz

    What I Learned About Health From Cameron Diaz | heartnatured

    This picture was taking on our honeymoon, when we adventured to Asheville, NC. I chose this picture because it relates to this post. I’ll come back to it.

    I think I was pretty late to The Body Book party, but when she recently realized The Longevity Book, I was too curious not to pick it up. She basically goes through all the basics of the human body (specifically us girls), good health, the value of exercise (which she calls movement), even our mind and soul. It’s an easy read, but quite the book. I don’t want to spoil it if you do intend to read it, but below are some of my favorite passages, and the occasional thought.

    “Your body is your past, present, and future. It carries the memory of your ancestors, because you are made up of the genes given to you by your parents and their parents before them. It is the culmination of everything you have ever eaten, all the physical activity that you did or didn’t do, all the efforts that you’ve made to understand and take care of it. And how well you care for it will determine how well you are able to live your life.”

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    Stop Overthinking It… and Be Free

    Stop Overthinking It... and Be Free | Heartnatured

    Sometimes (maybe often is a better word) I over-think a decision. Whether it’s what to eat for dinner, what to say in a text message, or how much to share on social media, I put in a good deal of thought.

    In his book “The Parody of Choice,” Dr. Barry Schwartz says it’s important for people to feel like they have choices when making decisions in life. And the only way we learn about the wide variety of choices we have is by obtaining knowledge and accumulating information.

    Yet, having too much information at my fingertips, which is characteristic of our world today, I become overwhelmed. On top of that, as we get older, we’re continually learning new perspectives, growing into new attitudes; thus, the endless choices and pressure to choose perfectly every single time seems paralyzing! That pressure also drains some of the freedom out of life.

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