It comes in waves

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Who I am comes in waves.

God’s goodness comes in waves.

Sometimes joy comes in waves; other times, sadness. 

Love and gratitude comes in waves. Love and gratitude goes out from me in waves. 

A good friend recently wrote this about me, “This woman is a fierce mixture of boldness and tender-heartedness. Chelsea is an all-or-none kind of person. Go big or go home. This mentality plays out in all areas of her life – relationships, sports, academics, and her spirituality. She’s a thinker and a dreamer.” And she is so very right! I am such a passionate person; I am such an expressive person. To be honest, in my relationship with Jesus? It provides an intimacy that I would not trade for anything in the world. In my daily life, if I think about something for too long, I can get almost emotional, overwhelmed with gratitude for God’s grace manifested in my life: staff I work with, friendships I cherish, a godly dating relationship, the opportunities I have, the church I’m involved with, family that I cherish. The list could go on and on!

It comes in waves sometimes. What I have to remind myself is that my God is also an emotional God.. I was created in His image! I don’t discount my passionate nature, ever. Today, amidst stressful tasks and tests, my heart swells at the reality of God’s faithfulness.. that He holds me steady and complete and secure.

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