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“Love says: I’ve seen the ugly parts of you, and I’m staying.” Matt Chandler

I’m in a relationship with someone I have to come to really love — with majority of my passionate, frail human heart — if not all of it. But the wonder of this whole thing? It’s not solely a romantic love, or a best friend love, it’s a love that is turning into something rich and lasting — something to be treasured.

I think this kind of love is one of the most special gifts of grace that God created. It’s rich in growth, learning, help, prayer, action, confidence, mercy, romance, trust, strength, forgiveness, joy, contentment, purpose.

Like Matt Chandler said, this kind of true love, love for another human being, that I believe is rooted in an intimate relationship with Jesus, sees the ugly parts in someone, and stays.

How special. How humbling.

I am nowhere near close to understanding all that this kind of love is and does, but I have a heart willing to learn, willing to be shaped and refined by Grace…. and that makes this season of life exciting.

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