Bowling, Canoes, & Cake

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This past weekend was a fun one. J came down and we double dated with some good friends of mine here in town. Burgers, bowling, and Chick-Fil-A milkshakes…. a fantastic combination if you ask me. Lots of laughs and a new memory made.  Left me smiling.

The rest of the weekend was characterized with cold weather, canoeing, and celebrating a birthday. I’m thankful to be dating a man who loves the outdoors. I even told him that one day I wish I could live near a small body of water like this one, so that if we ever wanted to escape the noise of life’s busyness, or to talk or get some fresh air, we could jump in a canoe and teamwork the afternoon away.

Our reason for adventuring to a nearby park was to celebrate this little guy’s birthday, which was wonderful. Time spent over good food, a warm fire, story telling, and catching up.


I have to say, weekends like this one… weekends marked with space to breathe… they revive me more than a tall glass of water after a long run. I glean so much joy and rest from weekends like this one.

The busyness of my daily life looks like a (quite delicious) pull-apart bread, all the details and tasks crammed up against each other, many times overlapping…. leaving my poor brain spinning and then weary. Hence the wonderful gift of weekends like this one. Thank you, Jesus.


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