What Rounds Out Life: Friendship

Meet Lauren. She has quickly become a close, true, and favorite friend of mine. We go to the same university, we work at the same church, and we are studying the book of Esther together…. at 7am one day a week. Safe to say we are around each other a good bit. I would like to say this is the reason we have sparked such a relationship (although I’m sure that doesn’t hurt), but I think it’s because we both love Jesus and we have come to both love each other. These two things are a concrete foundation for a friendship. I can honestly say that there are a couple others like her, a handful with the same mixture of circumstantial placement — school, church, studying God’s word together — who I have come to treasure.

I had great friends in high school, and I would still consider a handful of them to be good friends today… but having those true friends in your day-to-day life? Makes a world of difference. 

These are the women who sit Indian-style next to you while you lay on the floor in the office. These are the women who drop by your apartment because they need to get out, and because they will find a loving, listening ear. These are the women who drop by your office at least once during the day when they know you are there. These are the women who pull you from the ears of others to sit in your parked car while you cry and share your heart. These are the women who care enough to pay attention, resulting in guarding doors to restrooms when you need a moment alone, and treating you to the occasional treat. These are the women who make sure you know you are always welcome in their home. These are the women you pray for, the ones you pray with — the women who pray for you. 

These are the kinds of women that currently exist in my life, and I cannot help but praise God. These kinds of friendships are a gift from the Lord, one I am continually humbled by. In my personal experience, they really do make life 10x richer and more fun.

Busyness, distractions of life, conflicts, tests and trials of faith, etc. They happen. That is reality. What has the potential to withstand all that? A true love for Jesus, and a genuine love for another person. 

Love is so deep, so wide. There is so many kinds, and it looks different in a variety of interactions. But the facet of love I’m currently learning?

Love listens. Love relates.

Love desires to know what’s really inside.

 Love is present.

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