Bravery In Letting Go

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tumblr_n2nu9pBGQT1ruelg3o1_500One especially brave thing a person can do is let go of what isn’t meant for them. That can be in a physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual sense. The act requires bravery because we are creatures of comfort. Comfort zones can be our favorite places in the world, but they can also be what hinders us.

Letting go is thrilling sometimes. It’s as if when we free ourselves of all that we think we are only today, we can step into who we’re really meant to become, the developing of who we want to be.

It gives a different perspective. To realize that the present-me (present life) might be quite wonderful, but it’s not where my becoming ends. Knowing and trusting that there is more to my story than what I might see at present.

The act of moving on can be an inspiring thing when one acknowledges that moving from season to season of life is how we become all that God has for us.

Every morning I pray, “Help me get out of today what You created it for.”

I am now prompted to widen my scope, “Help me get out of this season what You created it for.”

Photos: Done by Yours Truly

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