Where are you free?

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Read a great article about body image and freedom. Interesting perspective, one I find life-giving and refreshing.

She wrote,

Your body is a lot more about freedom, than size.

Each of us is different. We all have different genes, body makeups and heights. You can’t compare yourself to other people. You have to find out where you are happy…where YOU have freedom.

Am I free when I am counting calories and limiting myself to not enjoying foods that I love? No. Am I free when I am so overweight that I have no energy to play with my future kids or I’m too out of breath to hike with my husband? No.

So great! It took me a good amount of introspection and thinking to answer the question: where do I have freedom?

I think I landed here: I feel free when I am exercising for pure enjoyment, and not being so rigid with my diet. I feel free when I don’t feel bad for taking a rest day, and spontaneously eating something I like. On the other hand, I feel free when I believe I am exhibiting self control in my life. A fruit of the Holy Spirit.

A lot of ways to fee free. Snap.

I then read another word relating to body image, and I feel it would serve me well to cling to this truth. Write it on every surface I see.

We were created in the image of one paradigm of perfection: our Creator. Our heart, weight, and skin color may indicate our human origins, but our soul and spirit reflect our Sovereign God.

God created us to convey the distinctive imprint of his divine nature to the world often blinded to his existence.

Like I mentioned above, there is freedom in exercising self control, and there is freedom in enjoying the good things God has created. Walking in this truth may not change my behavior, but it does put physical appearance in its rightful position. It reminds me that I was created in the image of God, and the characteristics that represent that entirely are my heart, soul, and spirit. 

This spurs me to put more energy into growing in Christlikeness, than worrying about reaching some caliber of worldly “perfection.”

The paradigm of perfection I should be striving for is likeness to God.

How freeing, and convicting, and challenging, and inspiring!


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