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I read someone say this the other day,

“Every artist has some insecurities about what they create. All your validation can’t be found in what you do. Find the reason you create.” Matt Ayers

How wonderfully brilliant is that?!

It sounds so simple, right? My mind says, “Yes, it does. Especially to someone who loves Jesus, and knows where her true identity will forever and always lie, yes has felt said insecurities many times.”

But hear hear, this truth is so utterly profound I may just have to remind myself of it everyday for the rest of my creating days.

Why do I create? When I answer that question, it will be at the core of all I do, and I believe I won’t be as insecure. Because as long as I created for that reason, all will be well. Heavens… easier said, than done. Clearly.

Why do I create? Because God gave me an ability to do so in this life. Why else? Because I want to give glory to the creative God who created me. I was made in His image, that’s what the Bible says.

Because He is creative, I am creative. 

So what if it’s like this: when I create, and have an attitude that gives God glory, all will be well. I can rest. He is smiling, and I am at peace and can enjoy what I do.

It’s a beautiful truth. Lord, help me live in it for the rest of my days.


lettering done by me, photo: death to stock

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