this week, in four years.

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I all too often forget how humbling, enlightening, funny, special, and even a little bittersweet it is to read old blog posts. This week, in the past four years, have held a lot of life in them. 

In 2010…

May 20th was the day I signed my national letter of intent to run competitive track and field for Georgia Southern University. I remember the day so clearly, so many people who loved and supported me came to witness it.

“It was one of the coolest things I’d ever experienced. Having seen countless seniors “sign” before, some I knew well, some I didn’t know; and then I was the one doing it! It was all a surreal blur,, I’m so thankful God has blessed me how He has so that I can glorify and honor His name. It was humbling to see everyone who is special in my life there to witness and support both of us as we took this huge step!”

Days later I would graduate from high school, turn 18, and start a summer of preparing to venture into the world of collegiate athletics and art classes.



In 2011…

May 19th I recieved doctor’s clearance, after my first surgery in February of that year, to start jogging.

“Of course, since my season doesn’t start for another almost four months, I have to take things slow and be cautious.. which is understandable. God-willing this will be my last serious injury, and I’m not taking a chance on having a setback! So, hallelujah thank you Jesus, I can jog! Progress, progress, progress.”

That summer was one I resolved to not stress, to trust and enjoy God, to deepen my relationship with Him. Feeling like I was in a rut, I often prayed for fresh perspective, new energy. That Father’s Day it was just me and Dad, my sister and mom had adventured to Jamaica on a mission trip. My daily running grew in its mileage and I was finding new strides every week.

In 2012… 

May 17th I found out I had been accepted into Georgia Southern’s Graphic Design program!

“It’s a competitive program and God has shown his grace. I worked so hard this past semester on getting my portfolio ready, and He showed His favor. All the glory goes to Him, and I am so excited to have it behind me, with the prospect of new design classes in the Fall! I keep telling myself, You are supposed to do this, and do it for God’s glory, and I’ll keep on until He tells me not too!”

May 4th was the day of my third surgery (the second one having happened in December 2011).  After that surgery I made a lot of resolutions, including a Facebook fast and a commitment to a vegetarian diet for the summer. This week, two years ago, I was walking around in the boot and learning the art of ceramics.

pottery 2

That next week I wrote a post about singleness being a gift.

“In those months following my first ‘serious’ relationship’s breakup, I was called to be content in singlehood, but I’ve learned through certain instances that I don’t have to necessarily be content forever. God created me with a desire to love a man, the man He has designed me for. And that it is okay to desire that, but to remember that it should never take a higher place in my life than God and my faith holds.
So. I’m in a season of life where I’m back to praying about that man God has for me, probably everyday. Who he is, where he is, who his friends are, what he likes to do on Saturday mornings, how he loves Jesus. Then I pray for my own heart: patience and faith. God’s timing is perfect, and I believe that with my whole heart, but sometimes a girl needs to be encouraged… and a little inspired.”
To my surprise, later that summer I would take a step of faith and confront my future-boyfriend-but-then-only-friend about his potential feelings for me, and mine for him.

In 2013… 
May. I was finishing up my junior year, still having problems with my painful foot. After a lot of processing and advice-seeking and praying, I made the difficult (but wise) choice to walk away from competitive track and field. I’ll admit that even today, it still hurts my heart. But, God had a plan. I had committed spring semester to a part-time staff position at Connection and grew into the creative and relational and God-fearing woman I am today.
“It’s something I have been thinking about, praying about, gathering counsel from doctors and wisdom from family and friends.. for quite a while. Even though mentally I am there, my body (my foot injury) is just not. And that’s okay, I just need to focus on where I am right now and adjusting to what I can do and still be good and healthy and happy. All thanksgiving to the Lord for working it out the way He did. Why I ever am anxious over such things I do not know.”
This week last year I imagine we were also celebrating my sister’s graduation from high school, and I was excited to spend the warm months in Appling.


In 2014… 
I am running however many miles I want (it’s only about 3.5 on a good day) with only minimal pain. Hallelujah.
I am in a super cool relationship with a guy I believe God created with me in mind. Yes, it’s the same guy mentioned above.
I recently graduated from earlier mentioned Georgia Southern Graphic Design program. *high fives all around*
I am about to leave my job at Connection to move back to my hometown and start a new job there.
Four years. Four Mays. For distinctive seasons. 
Time is a marvel. Sometimes it feels as though it inches; other times, sprints.
“If we only have the will to walk, then God is pleased with our stumbles.” CS Lewis
Thank you, God, for your gracious sovereignty in my life. Planting in me a desire to love you more and know you deeper, even if the path was difficult or confusing. “By your grace I am what I am…”

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