What I’ve Learned… from my college experience

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I did this kind of series a couple of years ago, but I want to do another round because I think it highlights well the value of relationships and happenings in a life. What I learn from those around me is what I will always carry with me; what I learn from those around me becomes building blocks of my personality, my character, my choices.

What I’ve Learned… from four years of college at Georgia Southern University:

  • Don’t be afraid to be the first one to say ‘hello’ in a room of strangers. People want to make friends, they just don’t want to make the first move.
  • Learn to laugh at yourself, give yourself some daily grace.
  • Do your best to get enough sleep at night. I know the art of all-nighters, I enjoyed many of them, but sleep is vital to people enjoying your company.
  • It helps deepen relationships to consistently be in your college town on weekends.
  • Some solitude is nice, and necessary at times, but don’t stay in your room with the door shut. Make the most of living with friends.
  • Recognize the trap of comparison and shut it down. Everyone is different, and you are not expected to be or act or live like everyone else. Be an individual, and love it.
  • Be okay with saying “no,” it makes your “yes” more significant.
  • It’s refreshing to be spontaneous sometimes.
  • Be like Jesus, not like His followers.
  • Be patient; often it is time and waiting that provides peace and clarity.
  • Never be afraid to ask questions; knowledge gives you confidence.
  • If you have to get a lot done and need to focus, don’t turn on the television.

Obviously, this is not all I learned…. only what came to me during the duration of this post-writing.

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