Sweet Storage

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Small/BIG update: we’ve found a place to live and we’re signing the lease this weekend! Hallelujah!

With this happening comes new wandering and daydreaming, since I now have a literal space in my mind to imagine about.

Combining both mine and J’s stuff is going to be an adventure. It’s not like we have a ton of stuff, but I feel inspired and challenged to come up with creative ways to avoid clutter. This small desire has developed in me to see just how many things I can make multi-functional for our home. For example, a sweet piece of decor could also double as storage; or my organizational efforts to double as adding more color to a room. As I discover more creative ideas I find a mental list growing. Here are some of my latest crushes…

The Broken House pantry box (shown above) | The Design Files storage unit | Handmade Charlotte fun storage for kids | Bobvila recycled organization | Bargain Hoot for the pantry | Door handle jewelry organizer | Apartment Therapy mason jars

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