“Stop sleeping with liars.”

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On nights when I’m in a funk, I crave inspiration. Motivation to a new perspective, away from myself. Here are the places I landed…

“Accepting yourself will prove to be one of the biggest journeys of this lifetime. Pack the bags. Bring the toothbrush. March for the door and go. That journey is worth taking.

We make choices every single day. That’s what we do. Life is just a stacking of yes and no questions. Yes, I want this. No, I don’t. Yes, this is worth it. No, it isn’t. And each choice takes us farther and farther from away from the person we did not end up becoming. You make the choices though. And you get to pick the person who will stand in the rear view mirror. You get to decide if you’ll miss that person you didn’t become or not.”

Hannah Brencher, in a life manifesto here.

A new project driven by Christine Caine, Propel.

“Renounce all self-reliance, self-exaltation, and self-rule, and find your calm, quiet, deep soul-contentment in God.”

John Piper, here.

Sweet potato spice bites? Yes. (Sorry, stomach’s growling.)

A playlist to keep your Fall going strong.

Even if you aren’t in a funk, maybe these can perk up your Tuesday night.


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