What I’ve Learned… from the first two months of marriage.

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Two months married! It feels short and long all at once. I love living with another person who loves me like J does. There are great calls in marriage, expectations given by God — love even when the other is unlovable, serve out of humility, etc — but it’s also simply fun.

In these two short months we’ve been married, I’ve observed many things, about God’s desire for the institution itself, but also about myself. (Hallelujah grace.)

  • Always believe the best — good intentions.
  • Before you respond, take a breath. Slow to speak, quick to listen.
  • It’s vital to daily ask God to lead my heart to love deeply, wide open.
  • Make it a point to slow down at some point of the day/night, to reflect on how I’m blessed.
  • Be intentional in asking questions about my husband’s day, what’s happening in his heart and mind.
  • Celebrate the tiny moments, i.e. dance in the kitchen. Choose joy. It’s important.
  • Flirt, and have fun doing it.
  • A short term memory and a forgiving heart can change the course of an entire day.

I love the man with my whole heart, but I know it’s only two-months-married-deep. We’ve got a lot of life to go, but I wouldn’t want to be in the trenches with anyone else. Thankful for who he is.

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