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Screen Vs. Print

Being a bookworm by nature, I can be found reading my Kindle Fire, a classic paperback novel, or the Kindle app on my iPhone!

The Kindle Fire I currently own is my second Amazon Kindle product, and I really like it. I leaped onto the first Kindle reader because I loved the idea of having all my favorite/current reads on one device. (I was the girl who brought an extra bag of only books to the beach.) I daydreamed of long car rides, plane rides, or doctor appointment waits, and knew I had to have one.

That being the case, I know I’ll never tired of the printed words. I like the feel of paper books. Some I like to underline and make notes, others I enjoy ‘dog earing’ my favorite pages to access them quickly. As great as the highlighting tool on my Kindle is, sometimes it’s not the same as with a paper book.

Also, to be honest, I already spend a good part of my life looking at screens, so sometimes I crave the physical element of the written word.

Both have there elements of awesomeness, and both have a place in my life.

Kindle/Kindle App Pros:

+ Backlit so you can still read in dim/dark light
+ Ebooks are often cheaper and sometimes free
+ Less clutter
+ Adjustable font size or brightness of the screen
+ Immediate download after purchase
+ Easier to keep up with and can read across multiple devices

Paper Book Pros:

+ Gives your eyes a break from the ‘screen life’
+ Easier to find favorite chapters and paragraphs
+ Pens and highlighters can be used
+ Easier on the eyes
+ Share, borrow and gift
+ Fun to collect a favorite series or author’

What do you think?

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