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Planning / a manifesto of sorts for J and I for 2015. We’ve had multiple conversations about wanting to be intentional with our choices, giving thought to where our time and money goes, making sure we build margin into our days.

Hoping / that I don’t get tired of gorging on breakfast and slimming down dinner … mentioned here

Baking / Mexican meatloaf for the first time ever. Recipe given to me by my sister-in-law, apparently a favorite of my husband’s. Not half bad!

Wearing / The above New Balances my sister gave me (one of two, by the way, the store was having a sale). I might have a shoe fetish, for the record.

Resolving / to speak less negatively, about myself to others, and about situations in general.

Enjoying / a Saturday morning to doodle in the quiet, soon to be filled with a nephew’s birthday party, errands, and a date night.

Discovering / how quickly a list flies out of my brain if I don’t write it down.

Watching / Sherlock Homes, Benedict Cumberbatch style. Guilty pleasure.

Writing / lists and events and January’s happenings in my Erin Condren life planner.

Feeling / motivated as I commit to a new manner of meals and making sure I get 20 minutes of activity a day. Contemplative over my 2015 themes.

Learning / grace. Reminding myself to trust Grace, to take it at its word.

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