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unnamedMy husband gave me a Fitbit Flex last Christmas. He wasn’t hinting that I need to work out more, I not-so-subtlely asked for it.

I’m a naturally active individual. Most of the time I’ll take the stairs, and I’m not against a slightly far-away parking spot. All of that to say, the information this gadget gives me is interesting and cool to me. I like competing with myself to see if I can walk a little more than the day before. I like seeing how many miles I walk, how many estimated calories I’m burning, etc.

For me, it’s less of a tool for weight loss and more “let me see how many steps I can walk in a day.” Less about burning calories and more about living an overall active lifestyle. I’m a graphic designer, so I sit at a desk all day. Being able to track my steps with the Fitbit Flex challenges me to get up and move around frequently.

For those simply curious, or those considering to buy one, here are my thoughts (PS- I am not a picky consumer; as long as it works, and the design is alright, I’m usually game for it):


  • + Wireless syncing over Bluetooth
  • + Easy to use all the time
  • + Small, unobtrusive to other jewelry on your wrist
  • + Lasting battery (I can go almost an entire week on a full charge.)
  • + Easy to use mobile app
  • + Fun, unique bands to wear
  • + Water resistant


  • + Sleep tracking inaccuracy
  • + Sometimes the taps can be flustering to figure out

Those cons aren’t deal breakers for me. I like this gadget! You wouldn’t be sorry.

P.S. Living Fitness and a Dinner Party Cheat Sheet

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