Hello, Friday!

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Today we’re headed to the beach! I’m ready for a weekend complete with a pancake breakfast to celebrate my nephew’s 8th birthday, lots of sand castles, walks on the beach, good conversations, and fun in the water. With my in-law siblings living in different states, I’m happy for the chance to really catch up and hang out for a few days.

What are you up to this weekend? Hope it is wonderful and relaxing, and enjoy surfing these fun finds from around the web…

Oatmeal cake, surprisingly delicious.

Made me laugh.

A great directory of resources for creatives.

The best careers for your personality type.

Satisfy chocolate cravings with other things — who knew?!

This word on modesty. Thoughtful.

Cool photos of famous people doing their thing.

Eat those greens, sister.

Grown-up popsicles.

This book looks adorable.

Taking smoothies to another level.

Being a good friend. Great read.

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