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Instagram is probably my favorite social media platform. It’s photography, it’s inspiration, it’s sharing life, it’s documenting moments. Recently, I’ve stumbled across some really sweet, kind, and inspirational people + movements.

Madeleine Shaw – Madeleine is the author of Get The Glow, a book about how eating well can become a way of life, helping you be the best you. She’s honest, kind, passionate, and loves life.

Rock Your Bliss – A movement for dreaming big, believing in yourself, and making things happen. I like what they stand for, what they promote, and how they cheer people on. Making Shift Happen is our motto. It’s how we live and how we thrive.

Life Lived Beautifully – A wife, mother, and friend who loves Jesus and encouraging women. “My passion is to teach women the beauty and purpose of dress. Your body is a canvas to be created on.” Gretchen shares about life, marriage, and motherhood with a grace and boldness that is refreshing.

She Reads Truth – This is a popular one. An online community of women who study God’s Word together daily. These gals are great. They love Jesus, women, and studying God’s Word. I’m continually encouraged by their posts.

I’d love to hear what your favorite Instagram accounts are!


  • Natalie

    These are great accounts! Thank you for sharing :)

    06/26/2015 at 3:53 pm Reply
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