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Two things to remember in life:
Take care of your thoughts when you’re alone, and
Your words when you’re with people. via

My man has been out of town these last two weeks for work. I’ve made plans and I’ve stayed in, I’ve eaten out and I’ve eaten cereal. I’ve been productive and I’ve sat on the couch in silence. I read the above quote a few days ago, and it spoke volumes.

Thoughts and words. They tend to make up a person. They make or break moments. They strengthen and weaken. Positivity and negativity. Both have power. Thoughts when we’re alone, words when we’re with people.

I’m a thoughtful person, I run daily races in my mind, I reflect and I ponder.. but sometimes my human (sinful and flawed) mind gets the best of me. Especially when I’m alone. Doubts, insecurities, fears, judgements, laziness, etc.

It can be difficult to choose positivity, or grace, or God’s Truth over doubt, self-judgement, or stress.

What does the 2 Corinthians 10 remind us? Take every thought captive.

Or Proverbs 4? Guard our hearts.

I think about words I say to others, and then I think about the words I speak to myself.

What do we say to ourselves when we look in the mirror? Do we compliment ourselves out loud? Our personality, our kindness, our work, our health, our humor? Or… in my case, sometimes I do more comparing and judging than I do complimenting.

What you tell yourself everyday will either lift you up or tear you down.

If I’m honest I forget this often.

Intention. Thoughtfulness. Asking God for help. Grace seasoned, timely words. Helpful, encouraging, Truth-laced thoughts.

Take care.


  • Katie Garvin

    Such uplifting and encouraging words! I agree, it’s amazing how your thoughts can effect your attitude. You are so right — thank you for reminding me of this!

    08/20/2015 at 1:54 pm Reply
  • Adriana Renee

    I’m guilty of letting my thoughts get me down but it’s so amazing how I can come back to God and just enjoy what He has to say.

    08/20/2015 at 4:46 pm Reply
    • Chelsea B.E.

      I hear you, Adriana. The grace that is there when I simply turn to Him is pretty remarkable.

      08/23/2015 at 10:30 pm Reply
  • Laura

    This quote is getting written out and hung up asap! A reminder i need daily.

    08/21/2015 at 5:20 pm Reply
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