Why I Enjoy Blogging

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I’ve maintained a blog since I was a senior in high school. It was what sparked my desire and intrigue of graphic design (which I ended up majoring in in college, and now I build websites for a living.. pretty rad). Anyway, I periodically take mental breaks away, and I often re-evaluate my motive and intention. I’m often asked why I enjoy it. Here are my thoughts:

Everyone has a special, interesting, individual, God-given voice! I used to over-analyze my posts, second-guessing myself, etc, but after awhile I realized this truth and maintained this space with only a smile. God has blessed me with my particular personality, quirks, brain, desires, and it’s fun and sweet to express that! It’s also great to hear other women and their stories.

It’s a great way to share Jesus. If people like Paul, Mary, Ruth, Peter lived today I think they might have blogs. Sharing their experiences with Jesus, with other believers, what they learn, etc. (Funny idea, isn’t it?)

It stretches my web design muscles. I design and build websites for a living, but oftentimes it’s for lawyers or companies or organizations. Here it’s entirely fun and personal. (Also, PS, you don’t have to be wicked in the web design to have a blog; both WordPress and Blogger have great starter templates to get your feet wet.)

The community is sweet. I’ve met many wonderful and inspirational women via this medium, from all over the United States. Isn’t that cool? I’m continually smiling at the fact that I can learn about their towns, what they are learning from God and life, and more.

—- What are your favorite things about blogging?

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