Week 2/52

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—- Photo

Super psyched to get capturing with this guy. A pancake lens, as it’s informally named, is designed for wide angle shots. And it’s fabulous.

Week 2/52 | heartnatured

—- Story

I mentioned neck pain a couple weeks ago. It got better, but once I started exercising it got worse. I went to see Doc yesterday and he’s calling in an MRI and a date with a physical therapist for me within the next week or two. He also said no exercise for a month. Bummer.

—- Quote

“Let’s train our minds to look for more reasons to keep going rather than reasons to give up.”

—- Song

To be honest? Glee Cast pandora. It’s an upbeat mixture of Glee covers, Disney classics, and popular hits. This is the playlist when the 2pm slump hits.

—- Recipe

I made a recipe binder this week. It was either that, or writing favorites recipes on notecards. (I like that idea, but really, am I going to take the time to do this? Probs not.) I did however find a compilation of the best looking grilled cheese sandwiches I’ve ever seen.

—- Why it was the best day ever:

John came home from a week long trip to Raleigh for work. Hooray!

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