Week 12/52 | Easter Weekend 2016

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Week 12/52 | Easter Weekend 2016

This Easter weekend was a great one for the books. Worshipful and humbling Maundy Thursday service, a day off on Friday to spend with my sister, some time with my best friend on Saturday for her last wedding dress fitting, contemplating biblical truth, celebrating the joy of Jesus, and eating great food with all the family.

We made homemade bread for Easter lunch. I’d like to say it was more intense and impressive than it actually is, you put all the ingredients in the bread maker and press ‘Start.’

Week 12/52 | Easter Weekend 2016

Week 12/52 | Easter Weekend 2016

I also made this sweet treat recipe, but didn’t get any photo documentation, and it was a huge hit!

I mentioned in the Maundy Thursday post that was reading Desiring God’s Meditations For Holy Week, and this is a couple paragraphs from Sunday’s reading.

No opposition from the world, no opposition to the gospel, and no cultural despising of Christ will overcome the resurrection joy of Jesus.

Worldly joys are brittle in comparison. Sickness and poverty crumble joy, and the long process of aging and dying slowly strips life of all its worldly pleasures (Eccles. 12:1–8). Death recedes all our joys, save one. Only one joy cannot be thwarted by death, because only one joy was purchased by blood.

The resurrection joy of Jesus escapes the clutches of death because it’s the joy of the new creation, a joy broken free from the evil of this fallen world.

In Christ, God delights to pour out this resurrection joy into your life, a joy that fills, and a joy that cannot be stolen from you. What do we do? We simply ask our gracious Father for more of it! The Easter joy Jesus foretold has arrived, and it’s deeply personal. The resurrection is both a cosmic event, and it comes intimately close, reminding us of God’s work in our lives. Such a restoring and reviving joy was purchased for you and me in the resurrection of Christ.

I hope you had a sweet resurrection day, friends.

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