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I have greatly enjoyed this latest blog break. Sometimes it takes that, stepping away, to remember the goals and dream of why you do the things you do, and to make sure a particular task or project or experience is healthy + good for your life. I speak from experience when I say that oftentimes I need respites from activities or habits or indulgences, because they have taken up residence where only God and people and wellness should be.

I have enjoyed the freedom, the rest, the one less activity to think about… but I have missed the writing, creativity, unexpected blessings, and community that comes with keeping up a blog.

With my decision to return to maintaining this blog comes a handful of new desires. Fresh measures of personal “success.” Goals and dreams and vision.

1. I do not want to become a full-time blogger. Full-time designer, yes. Full-time mom one day, yes. Professional blogger? No. I admire and am grateful for those that are; I am continually uplifted by their stories. I learn how to cook weird things, what makeup brands are better for my skin, and how to decorate my home in a fun way for Thanksgiving. All good things. But this is me setting down the expectation of having every post ‘put together’ like fancy blog posts should be. This is also me freeing myself from the pressure that this blog has to be anything other than what it naturally is. No comparison, no competition. Simply stories and revelations as life continues on. Hallelujah. 

2. I want this blog to be a safe place for the everyday woman. I want family, friends, even strangers to arrive and leave feeling whole. In this big world, I am no one special, but I believe that we learn from each other. I believe we are meant to walk together. I believe we are stronger together, loving and growing and changing and enjoying together. I think the possibility of enjoying abundant life on this earth comes when we open up with our stories, and when we invite others in. 

3. That being said, I want to write true, honest, vulnerable, and open. From what is going on inside my own heart, about my relationship with God, about my struggles and weaknesses, about my beliefs and thoughts, about how I look at the world, about what I desire for those around me.

4. I want this space to be about Jesus, hope, beauty, creativity, Truth, peace, friendship, grace. A story about what God can do, and does, in a life.

So, I say Hi! to reconnect with those I already know, to jump-start regular writing, and in hopes of meeting many new friends.

PS – Here are some photos from our recent family beach trip. :)

IMG_9240 IMG_9295 IMG_9355 IMG_9697IMG_9972 IMG_0106IMG_9787IMG_9189IMG_9930

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  • Martha Lutier

    Soooo glad you are back!!! Thanks for such refreshing posts!

    07/11/2016 at 11:57 am Reply
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