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My husband came over to church to watch the eclipse with me; quite nice of him. Here in Appling it didn’t get too dark, but it was pretty fun to hear all the insects buzzing and street lights come on because it felt like nighttime. A fun break in the normality of a Monday!



The below image I posted to our church’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, with a word about how incredible our Creator God is. I also have this mental image of God smiling really big at our amazement. The sky proclaims the work of His hands!



A word from Charles Spurgeon about seeing your security in Him: 

A total eclipse is one of the most terrible and grand sights that ever will be seen. But thank God, whatever eclipse happens to a Christian, it is never a total eclipse. There is always a ring of comfort left. There is always a crescent of love and mercy to shine upon God’s child. (New Park Street Pulpit Sermons, 4:151) via

Eric Mataxes on its remarkable-ness of it:

Three thousand years ago a man in Israel wrote: “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” That man didn’t have a telescope or a Brittanica, but he saw something many of us today still do not see. He saw a God behind it all. It may be true that seeing a Grand Designer behind these breath-taking events requires what we call a leap of faith; but it may also be true that seeing mere coincidence behind them requires an even greater leap of faith. In my mind, much greater. But on Monday, you may be the judge. via

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  • Carolann

    I’m so glad you got to see the eclipse! I didn’t manage to see it but it’s pretty incredible and I love seeing everyone’s pictures.

    08/23/2017 at 5:34 am Reply
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