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Can we all admit it can be difficult to see every detail or a situation? 

Silly question, we’re human and limited. Sometimes it can be challenging to even understand our own hearts. But God knows everything about everything.

Can we all confess we get stuck in the mud of insecurity, self-doubt, fear, discontentment, comparison, or anger sometimes?

I know I do. But God doesn’t.

In almost every moment, we are bombarded by cultural pressure, temptations in our sinful nature, lies from the enemy of our soul. 

Would you agree that it is vital for us to know our God, to communicate with Him intimately and frequently, to trust Him immediately when we’re battling? 

Do you know the personality and nature of your God?

God is:*

Wise: He knows what is best
Generous: He gives what is best
Loving: He does what is best
Good: He is what is best
Unchanging: He never changes
Creator: He made everything
Provider: He meets the needs of His children
Holy: He is completely perfect
Just: He is right to punish sin
Glorious: He shows his glory and greatness
Sovereign: He has the right, will, and power to do as He pleases
Compassionate: He sees, cares, and acts when His children are in need
Merciful: He does not give what His children deserve
Attentive: He hears and responds to His children
Worthy: He deserves all glory
Deliverer: He saves His children from wrath
Refuge: He provides places of safety for His children
Almighty: Nothing is too hard for God

God is El Roi, God Who Sees, El Elyon, God Most High, Adonai, our Lord… among so many other incredible names.

It should be of greatest comfort to you that Almighty God’s loving, caring eyes are on you at all times.



“It’s difficult to love what you do not know.”

I heard this idea from Jen Wilkin a few months ago, and it stuck to my mind like peanut butter and jelly.

In my own experience, it is also difficult to trust and believe Someone you do not know. Amen?



It can also seem intimidating to feel that your trust needs to be Hulk strong and Flash quick every single time.

Maybe this can be a new way for us: Believe Him for THIS moment. 

Believe what He says about THIS fear I’m feeling. Believe His nature when I’m tempted to dwell on THIS lie that just flew through my mind. Believe His Words for THIS instance, for THIS problem. Believe His Spirit’s help for THIS weakness.

One moment at a time will become the backbone of our lives, the framework for our living by faith and not by sight.

What difference does it make in your life to realize that God is sovereign, that He is ruler over all, and that nothing can happen without the ultimate sanction or permission of God? Kay Arthur

*found on blog Sayable

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