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do less. make it mean more.

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I am a sucker for a lovely art print or book or desktop wallpaper. True sucker.

What used to be Naptime Diaries is now All Good Things Co. Sweet women striving to share the message of Jesus and hope with the world through beautiful artwork and inspirational prints.

Last year I purchased a few of their Advent resources and greatly enjoyed them. They recently shared the Advent 2017 Collection. Devotionals, banners, prints, and more.

I am really digging the theme of this year’s resources: do less. make it mean more. 

How freeing and inspirational does that sound? Doesn’t it make you crave simplicity? Doesn’t it strengthen you to be more intentional with your choices as holiday months approach?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Help us, Lord.




I’m curious… do you and your family celebrate Advent? How? What works for you or your crowd?

What I’m Listening To | No. 8

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Daring to Hope Audiobook, Katie Davis Majors

This is my first book of Katie’s, and I’m excited to start.

An Interview with Lisa Whittle, Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Lisa was a refreshing personality to hear from. I have heard of her book I Want God, but don’t know much about it. I enjoyed hearing her story and why she is as passionate as she is.

How I Built This Podcast

I’m late to this party, but am enjoying it! Starbucks, Toms, Clif, etc.

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