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What is Christian unity? – Desiring God

Spirit-rooted, Christ-manifesting, truth-cherishing, humbly-loving unity is designed by God to have at least two aims: a witness to the world, and an acclamation of the glory of God.

I feel called to write. Now what? – Sayable

If you want to write, you must read.

For All Seasons

Ruth Chou Simmons – Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

The Bible Project videos

That Sounds Fun podcast

Red Rocks Worship

This article about Rosaria’s book on hospitality (currently reading, great book!)

Counterfeit hospitality seeks to impress and entertain. Counterfeit hospitality separates host and guest in ways that allow no blending of the two roles. It separates people into noble givers and needy receivers, or hired givers and privileged receivers. Counterfeit hospitality comes with strings; Christian hospitality comes with strangers becoming neighbors becoming family of God.

What have you read or listened to lately that inspired you?

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What’s better than consuming? Cultivating.

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I heard someone say recently you can only be doing one of three things in any given moment: cultivating, creating, or consuming.

Applying it to my own season of life, I’m convicted by habits lacking in cultivation and indulgent with consumption. I’m speaking mostly spiritual, but aren’t we one whole person, heart, soul, mind, and body? In light of this truth, it’s not difficult to realize how spiritual flourishing (or languishing) impacts every part of life.

Abide in Jesus. A thread of beauty and conviction weaving through my life and being by Holy Spirit for the past couple of years. A way of living I deeply desire to walk in. A banner of hope and peace and purpose that only Jesus provides. A fountain of enlightenment, comfort, and joy.

Maybe abiding is also cultivating.

Jumping off from where I began, every choice we make is either to cultivate, create or consume. All three contain life and purpose when rightly oriented around God and the good of others. Examples: We consume sustaining food. We create inspiring content. We cultivate gentleness in our speech.

What about when these choices become distorted with self-serving, self-elevating, self-indulgent desires?

It’s here I am thankful for the bright, chiseling work of Holy Spirit and Truth.

I’m not into the Enneagram, I’ve been an otter all my life, and the only letter I remember is ‘F for feeler.’ What I do know is that it’s sometimes challenging to believe I’m loved by God because I’m found in Christ not when I’m ‘doing’ and keeping my act together for Him.

It’s difficult for me to slow my need to have the answers so that I feel like I’m doing okay, and rest in His Godness. My survival mode is to balance all the places, to fix things when they appear broken or lacking, out of anxiety that there surely is more I could be or do. Which sounds pretty exhausting, right? Because it is. And an impossibly unpleasant way to live. Enter the temptation to escape (we’ll get to that soon).

God has set me wonderfully free in many areas, new circumstances come, we make the next turn around life’s bend, and it’s insanely tempting to step back into the old way of operating. Right?

The practice of abiding is a practice of rest. Abiding is not passive, it is active, a continuous interaction with the Lord. Abiding is bearing fruit naturally, not forcibly or fearfully. Abiding is letting God be God.

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