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Week 16/52: Spin Bike, Pool Time, and Rascal Flatts

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Eventful week and weekend! Went to spin classes that kicked my butt. Ran three miles for the first time in months. Assembled my own spin bike that arrived (yay!). Celebrated my best friend at a “three-weeks-to-your-wedding” lunch with some sweet ladies. Saw Rascal Flatts in concert with my mom and sister. And spent some great time in the sunshine with my man.

It was filled with equal parts rest and busyness. Praise Him.

Week 16/25: Spin Bike, Pool Time, and Rascal Flatts

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Week 14/52: The Masters, Superman, and Photography

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Week 14/52: The Masters, Superman, and Photography | heartnatured

The past week has been busy, but great! The week itself was made up of work and dinner with J and the occasional Scrabble game. Chill, low key, and nice. The weekend was full of events.

Dinner with out of town family Friday night. Saturday night I got up at dark and drove 1.5 hours to take graduation photos for one of my best friends. I then spent the afternoon dancing around the house/cleaning sipping sweet tea (PS – the latest Moriah Peters album is perfect for kitchen cleaning dance parties), and made dinner for my parents and sister before we all went to see Batman V Superman. (Mixed emotions overall, but I do think Henry Cavill makes a good Superman. I also slightly freaked out over Wonder Woman – great actress + character.)

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Week 13/52

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Happy Monday, friends! I hope your weekend was a pleasant one. I celebrated my best friend and all our pals for her bachelorette weekend in Charleston, SC.

Photo and a story —- 


If any of you have been to Charleston, South Carolina you know it is a fabulous place. Great shopping, cool restaurants, ocean views, and more.

We had fun at a ‘sip and dip’ Saturday afternoon, which produced the fabulous masterpiece you see pictured above. Also pictured is the me doing a bridge, something I haven’t done since last November – I was pretty ecstatic. My neck was a little sore afterward, but I felt good. Yay! (PS – the ice cream? Jeni’s on King Street. Delicious.)

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