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Places For Fun Desktop Wallpapers

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Disney-inspired – From movie posters to fun art, these will make you smile.

Sarah Hearts – I like Sarah’s because they include a calendar. Bonus!

Hand Lettering Co – These are encouraging, and great reminders. They also have a tendency to help me look at God more often than I look at the stress or tasks around me.

DesignLoveFest – These are fun and colorful and will brighten any day. – Quirky designs, quotes, and lots of sass.

Design Milk – These are relevant for creatives and thinkers, with quotes and classier art.

Oh So Lovely – I really dig this succulent wallpaper.

I change my desktop wallpaper out frequently, so I enjoy perusing these sites!

Refresh Your Devices / No. 3

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Chin up, buttercup!

Sometimes you need a simple mantra to put a smile on your face, a pep in your step, or a new perspective. I’m also the girl who reads so much that unless I write it down somewhere, it’s unlikely I’ll remember it even a week after I read it. (Which is a little sad when I think about it.)

Life is too short to camp out on what we cannot control, situations that disappoint us, or moments of discouragement. And thankfully, we have a God who is never far, but living within us, to cheer us on and support our sometimes unsettled and unsteady selves.

Below, my friends, is some pretty art (in my opinion… hello, confetti.) to help give us an extra boost when we need it.

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Please note: These designs are for personal use only. All copyright of these images is retained by me, the designer. Enjoy!