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Refresh Your Devices / Love all. Please One.

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Refresh Your Devices / No. 2 | heartnatured

“It’s a beautiful moment when somebody wakes up to this reality, when they realize God created them so other people could enjoy them, not just endure them.” Donald Miller

There’s a level of intimacy required with loving someone. If it’s a real relationship/friendship, there is an honesty, a transparency, that’s necessary.

People are important. Love is important.

But often our insecurities get in the way.

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Refresh Your Devices / No. 1

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I design for a living. I design logos, websites, brochures, posters, etc. I’ve been trying to figure out how to exercise that passion on this blog, and I think I’ve found it. I also am a huge fan of inspirational quotes, verses, and the like. What better way to mesh these two enjoyments together than with some designed device downloads?

I’ve also learned something new about myself. I do well with short blurb-type reminders, and this verse, Micah 6:8, is a great one. It’s short and sweet, a quick mantra to preach to myself when I’m irritated or disappointed or frustrated.  It’s currently on my phone now, and it has already prompted me to choose God’s way over my own way.

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