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Five Things To Remember When Desiring Marriage

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Oh, the waters of dating and romance. Especially if you love Jesus, dating can be a weighty thing. It’s fun to get to know people, go out on dates, and enjoy the scene, I wholeheartedly agree, girlfriend. But when you deeply desire to be married, there are a couple things that could be revolutionary to keep in mind. These are truths taught to me, lived out for me, and experienced by me. I hope, wherever you are relationally, that these inspire and spark something new in you like they once did for me. I’m thankful for the older women I had in my life to mentor me as I navigated dating and then marriage. And foremost, hallelujah to the Holy Spirit who helped me be patient and genuinely content in the process (because Lord knows I wouldn’t have been able to do it well on my own; it would’ve been halfhearted and handicapped, I’m sure).

Don’t date with only marriage in mind.

Marriage can easily become¬†the be-all end-all. We place our hope and happiness on the circumstance of marriage, and then struggle to have said treasures while we’re single or dating. We begin to idolize “the right person” or a relationship in general. Not to speak Christianese, but the worship of God is the ultimate goal of the Christian life, would you agree? Dating and marriage can then become a means of worship to God; in marriage you get God in your lifelong commitment to each other. Marriage is about depending on God, displaying God, being made like God. Knowing this truth gave purpose to my singleness.

Relinquish the effort to God.

He is truly the best match maker there is, putting it plainly. He knows you better than you even know you, and He knows the type of person you want/need. He knows the person who will complement you best, who will challenge you and love you, who will pursue and cherish you. He knows how the two of you will work together, and the sweetness that will come from your unity. So let Him do the work, and trust His timing.

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