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Five Things To Remember When Desiring Marriage

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Oh, the waters of dating and romance. Especially if you love Jesus, dating can be a weighty thing. It’s fun to get to know people, go out on dates, and enjoy the scene, I wholeheartedly agree, girlfriend. But when you deeply desire to be married, there are a couple things that could be revolutionary to keep in mind. These are truths taught to me, lived out for me, and experienced by me. I hope, wherever you are relationally, that these inspire and spark something new in you like they once did for me. I’m thankful for the older women I had in my life to mentor me as I navigated dating and then marriage. And foremost, hallelujah to the Holy Spirit who helped me be patient and genuinely content in the process (because Lord knows I wouldn’t have been able to do it well on my own; it would’ve been halfhearted and handicapped, I’m sure).

Don’t date with only marriage in mind.

Marriage can easily become the be-all end-all. We place our hope and happiness on the circumstance of marriage, and then struggle to have said treasures while we’re single or dating. We begin to idolize “the right person” or a relationship in general. Not to speak Christianese, but the worship of God is the ultimate goal of the Christian life, would you agree? Dating and marriage can then become a means of worship to God; in marriage you get God in your lifelong commitment to each other. Marriage is about depending on God, displaying God, being made like God. Knowing this truth gave purpose to my singleness.

Relinquish the effort to God.

He is truly the best match maker there is, putting it plainly. He knows you better than you even know you, and He knows the type of person you want/need. He knows the person who will complement you best, who will challenge you and love you, who will pursue and cherish you. He knows how the two of you will work together, and the sweetness that will come from your unity. So let Him do the work, and trust His timing.

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Animals, Sabbath, and Prayer

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What a weekend!

We had friends come stay Friday night with us. We ate pizza and caught up on life and it was marvelous. We also indulged in delicious homemade cookies made by another friend of ours. (We’re spoiled, we know.)

Saturday J and I spent the day at the zoo! I probably haven’t visited one since I was in elementary school, and even as an adult it was fun. (Part of me thinks it was because I was with my husband, not just because I wanted to see the lions.)

We had some fun adventures on Saturday, and it was much-needed quality time for us. (Thank you to my sister-in-law for gifting us with the tickets.)

Sunday was full of good conversation, family, food, and rest. Thank you, Lord, for the gift of a Sabbath day.

I went for a run down a familiar road, stopped multiple times outside my parent’s house to smell the flowers, and finished a book sitting next to the fire.

Everyone has heard of the attacks on Paris by now, and I couldn’t help but stay glued to my Bible the morning I heard. Reading about the peace God gives, His Sovereignty. Asking His help to trust that He is in control, that He isn’t surprised about the day’s happenings, that He knows each and every heart. Asking Him to help me not live fearful, to intentionally pray for the people affected, the families who lost loved ones, and the government itself.

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I read a quote recently,

“What gives moments meaning is not the moments themselves but the presence of Christ with us in the midst of them.” Emily P. Freeman

I looked down this morning overcome with gratitude over a simple thing like socks and boots. Thankful for a home to welcome people into, for family to laugh and eat with, for a husband to talk and pray with, for the mercy in a new day, and for a loving Father who is never far.

The presence of Christ. With us always. That truth changes everything.

I ask Him to continue to root truth deep inside me, so I am not shaken, so I do not doubt or fear, so I freely extend love and compassion.

— How was your weekend?

Bowling, Canoes, & Cake

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This past weekend was a fun one. J came down and we double dated with some good friends of mine here in town. Burgers, bowling, and Chick-Fil-A milkshakes…. a fantastic combination if you ask me. Lots of laughs and a new memory made.  Left me smiling.

The rest of the weekend was characterized with cold weather, canoeing, and celebrating a birthday. I’m thankful to be dating a man who loves the outdoors. I even told him that one day I wish I could live near a small body of water like this one, so that if we ever wanted to escape the noise of life’s busyness, or to talk or get some fresh air, we could jump in a canoe and teamwork the afternoon away.

Our reason for adventuring to a nearby park was to celebrate this little guy’s birthday, which was wonderful. Time spent over good food, a warm fire, story telling, and catching up.


I have to say, weekends like this one… weekends marked with space to breathe… they revive me more than a tall glass of water after a long run. I glean so much joy and rest from weekends like this one.

The busyness of my daily life looks like a (quite delicious) pull-apart bread, all the details and tasks crammed up against each other, many times overlapping…. leaving my poor brain spinning and then weary. Hence the wonderful gift of weekends like this one. Thank you, Jesus.