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Favorite Christmas Tunes

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Happy December 1st! A little hard to believe it’s the last month of the year.

I confess that I’ve been listening to Christmas music since early November, and it’s been marvelous. Christmas music is some of my favorite because the lyrics are both sweet and beautiful, and fun and celebratory. I’m pretty sure I like all Christmas tunes, but I’ve listed some here that I could listen to every day and not be tired.

Favorite Christmas Tunes | heartnatured

Have you started decorating yet? Some of our Christmas fun is out, but not all of it. And we’ve decided to get a real tree this year! We both haven’t had a real tree since we were kids, so I’m looking forward to it. Now having a home of our own, it’s exciting and fun and a little overwhelming to decorate for the holidays. I’m a creative spirit myself, so things don’t have to match, but naturally we want things to go together. I’ve decided to choose one or two items and decorate around that.

— How do you decorate for Christmas? Any fun traditions?

— Do you have a favorite Christmas album?

Lauren Daigle & God As My Friend

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There are many characteristics of God that I have yet to tangibly experience, and then there are some I have. I’ve experienced Him as Father, Savior, Healer, Provider.. but strangely, I have yet to tangibly believe Him to be my friend. Until the past week or so.

Maybe you’ve had this happen to you, going through a seemingly dry, busy season only to suddenly experience the refreshment of God in a new way and change you just a little bit more. That’s what has happened to me recently. God has shown me that He is my friend, and that He wants to hear me share and interact like I would with my best girl friend. Isn’t that amazing? The God of the universe, the King of Kings, the holiest, highest being… wants to be my friend, wants to know me like my best friend knows me (obviously He already knows everything).

I might be late to the Lauren Daigle party, but I am super happy I arrived. Her sound is unique and her lyrics are sweet. Her music is fresh and I’ve enjoyed listening to it almost nonstop since I got it. The song I shared above is called “I Am Yours,” one of my favorites on the album.

One of my favorite lines is this:

Even the thunder and the wind obey
At the command of my Father, Father

My Father.  Personal. Intimate. Friendship.

I am His and He is mine. The reality that God is mine has always been a curious one for me. I still am not sure if I completely grasp it wholly. But what I realize is that maybe He enjoys being claimed by me. That He loves me so much He wants to be mine. He wants to be my Father, my friend.

Man. A wonderful truth to let take root in my soul, our souls. Thank you, God.