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Week 16/52: Spin Bike, Pool Time, and Rascal Flatts

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Eventful week and weekend! Went to spin classes that kicked my butt. Ran three miles for the first time in months. Assembled my own spin bike that arrived (yay!). Celebrated my best friend at a “three-weeks-to-your-wedding” lunch with some sweet ladies. Saw Rascal Flatts in concert with my mom and sister. And spent some great time in the sunshine with my man.

It was filled with equal parts rest and busyness. Praise Him.

Week 16/25: Spin Bike, Pool Time, and Rascal Flatts

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2015 Favorites: Movies + Music

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Let’s talk about entertainment… 2015 was a pretty great year.

2015 Favorites: Movies, Albums, Etc | heartnatured

Avengers: Age of Ultron – I’m a Marvel nerd, so even if it can be a little far-fetched, I’m a big fan. I also find the character dynamics of the Avengers hilarious. Robert Downey Jr, Scarlett Johansson, Chris Hemsworth, all fabulous.

Inside Out – I hope everyone saw this movie. It was clever, funny, sweet, and had a great message. Disney outdid themselves with this story — so innovative.

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Favorite Christmas Tunes

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Happy December 1st! A little hard to believe it’s the last month of the year.

I confess that I’ve been listening to Christmas music since early November, and it’s been marvelous. Christmas music is some of my favorite because the lyrics are both sweet and beautiful, and fun and celebratory. I’m pretty sure I like all Christmas tunes, but I’ve listed some here that I could listen to every day and not be tired.

Favorite Christmas Tunes | heartnatured

Have you started decorating yet? Some of our Christmas fun is out, but not all of it. And we’ve decided to get a real tree this year! We both haven’t had a real tree since we were kids, so I’m looking forward to it. Now having a home of our own, it’s exciting and fun and a little overwhelming to decorate for the holidays. I’m a creative spirit myself, so things don’t have to match, but naturally we want things to go together. I’ve decided to choose one or two items and decorate around that.

— How do you decorate for Christmas? Any fun traditions?

— Do you have a favorite Christmas album?