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Week 14/52: The Masters, Superman, and Photography

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Week 14/52: The Masters, Superman, and Photography | heartnatured

The past week has been busy, but great! The week itself was made up of work and dinner with J and the occasional Scrabble game. Chill, low key, and nice. The weekend was full of events.

Dinner with out of town family Friday night. Saturday night I got up at dark and drove 1.5 hours to take graduation photos for one of my best friends. I then spent the afternoon dancing around the house/cleaning sipping sweet tea (PS Рthe latest Moriah Peters album is perfect for kitchen cleaning dance parties), and made dinner for my parents and sister before we all went to see Batman V Superman. (Mixed emotions overall, but I do think Henry Cavill makes a good Superman. I also slightly freaked out over Wonder Woman Рgreat actress + character.)

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Soaking Up These Autumn Days

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Sunday afternoons…. meant for resting, reading, quality time, and more.

The weather was quite fabulous this past Sunday, and I was itching to photograph something, so I took a stroll around the yard/neighborhood.

Taking in the cool air and the warm Fall colors, this is easily my favorite season.

I cannot endure to waste anything so precious as autumnal sunshine by staying in the house. So I have spent almost all the daylight hours in the open air. Nathanial Hawthorne








— What do you enjoy most about Fall?

Adventures in New York

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If any of you follow me on Instagram then you know J and I were in New York this weekend! We were celebrating one year of marriage, and it was super great.

We ate a variety of delicious food, from New York pizza to authentic Chinese to burgers in Brooklyn. We walked many a mile, adventuring up and down the streets of Manhattan. We saw all the sites we wanted to, including the 9/11 Museum, Empire State Building, Times Square, the Brooklyn Tabernacle for church Sunday morning, Central Park, the Met, Wicked on Broadway (which was amazing), and so much more. We shopped a little, we explored a lot, and mainly enjoyed each others company. I’m pretty sure I could do anything with John and it have potential to be fun. For that, our true friendship, I’m thankful.


It wasn’t what you’d probably call a vacation, but it was an adventure for us to do together, and for me to see many of the sites that I’ve had on my list. We came home weary from walking and being herded through crowds, but happy and content with our memorable experience.

Do you have a favorite spot in New York?

A Glimpse of our Wedding Day

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Today we are one year married! I can hardly believe so many days have passed. But on the other hand, I look back and can see how much I’ve learned, how much I’ve grown. Thanks be the God for the grace in both the mundane and the big life occasions, learning the live and love another person so closely, so deeply.

{First look}

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{At the swing he built for the proposal}

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{Those who stick by me}

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{Down the aisle with my first hero, my wonderful Daddy}

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{What joy and relief to finally be married, undivided hearts}

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{We laughed, we cried.}

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{We ran out to sparkles and the support of our loved ones}

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I could not have dreamed of a sweeter day. No major stress. The sweetest of emotion pricked the back of my eyes throughout the whole day. My heart at probably its fullest — love, gratitude, strength. Overwhelmed by the love and support of family and friends, complete with the best guy for me by my side.

These are days to savor.

Here’s to many, many more.

To God be glory, honor, and praise.