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Chelsea’s Best of Augusta, GA

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Chelsea's Best of Augusta, GA | heartnatured

It may not be super famous, it may not be the capital of our state, but I like being an Augusta local. I enjoy traveling both near and far, but I am glad to call Augusta, Georgia my home. The above photo is a cool dusk shot of downtown Augusta from the Savannah River, that I surprisingly found on Shutterstock.

Below are a few of my favorite things…

Good Eats

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If We Were On A Coffee Date #03 | Colorado!

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If we were on a coffee date this morning, I would tell you all about our trip to Durango, Colorado!

We have family there, locals who love their small town. Getting out there was bonkers — a missed flight, waiting all day in the airport, an impromptu sleepover in Dallas and finally reaching our destination, 24 hours later than planned.

But, praise the Lord, we arrived and had the best time!

We skied. There was sweat and tears, but thankfully no blood. I’ve only been skiing once, so it was almost a re-learning act for me. Let’s not talk about all the snow I ate and bruises I acquired during the first half of the day. After lunch, I finally got the hang of it, and we had a blast. Every so often I’d stop J and yell, “I want a minute to look at the view!” (Because it would have been absurd not to, the mountainscape was amazing.)

We snow shoed. I’ve never done this before, and after a full day of skiing I think my legs were a little annoyed, but it was super cool. We walked a couple miles through large trees, beautiful mountains, and blankets of snow. I was whipping out my phone almost every 5 minutes to snap another photo.

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A Georgian Packing For Colorado

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A Georgian Packing For Colorado | heartnatured

If you live in Georgia, you know it’s been a rather warm December. That makes packing for 20 degree weather even more of an adventure. I made a list, I borrowed, I planned.

Our room looked like a winter clothing tornado blew through it. We have plans to ski, snowshoe, walk around town, sled, eat out, and have some great quality time with our siblings and newest nephew.

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