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A Glimpse of our Wedding Day

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Today we are one year married! I can hardly believe so many days have passed. But on the other hand, I look back and can see how much I’ve learned, how much I’ve grown. Thanks be the God for the grace in both the mundane and the big life occasions, learning the live and love another person so closely, so deeply.

{First look}

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{At the swing he built for the proposal}

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{Those who stick by me}

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{Down the aisle with my first hero, my wonderful Daddy}

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{What joy and relief to finally be married, undivided hearts}

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{We laughed, we cried.}

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{We ran out to sparkles and the support of our loved ones}

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I could not have dreamed of a sweeter day. No major stress. The sweetest of emotion pricked the back of my eyes throughout the whole day. My heart at probably its fullest — love, gratitude, strength. Overwhelmed by the love and support of family and friends, complete with the best guy for me by my side.

These are days to savor.

Here’s to many, many more.

To God be glory, honor, and praise.

Forever loves

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These people. So wonderful, for all my life, but especially these past few months. They have been inexpressibly helpful, and have done so much for me.

Encouraging embraces, wise counsel, running errands, completing tasks, making appointments, etc. I can’t even count all the ways they have been gracious and fantastic during this busy season of my life.

Family is forever. Whether made up of good relationships, stressful, bad, intense — family is forever.

For me, our four person unit is a rock, a safe place, an atmosphere for honesty and vulnerability, for help and growth.  Leaving and cleaving is a good, rich part of life, but this will always be my foundation, no matter how old or how far I go. And for that I’m thankful, that it was these specific human beings.

Legacy, learning the ways of life and love, being about to develop strong wings.

I am who I am because of these people, growing up with them, around them, being taught and impacted by their choices. Blessings. Lessons. Growth from trials.  Sharpening from conflict.

Fills me with joy when I reflect on this unit, and it breathes life and strength into my future steps.

I’m excited to celebrate my wedding day with them by my side.



Married in THREE DAYS.

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Let’s just say my inner being is almost at a melting point.

God has provided, emotionally + physically + mentally, and my heart is humbled and grateful. But this week is overwhelming.

Eight hours in the office, having a seemingly still growing list of things to do when I leave work… details with our future home, packing for the honeymoon, errands for the weekend, all the while trying so hard to find time for mental rest, focus of the heart.

The time has come to see how wise I can be with my time-spending choices, because my biggest fear is getting to Friday and being weary and numb.

On a happier note, I can hardly believe the time is almost here.

As a person grows up, ‘somedays’ are created.  Someday, I’ll be a business woman. Someday, I’ll have a house full of kids. Someday, I’ll take this trip, or I’ll build that house.

A major someday for me is almost here. Days away! A gift from God; He who knows me best, loves me most. Another way to glorify Him, to deepen my relationship with Him. My wedding day, to celebrate and rejoice in Him. With J, with family and friends.

Underneath all the frazzled and overwhelmed is a heart that is singing. Joy, thanksgiving, praise, love, anticipation.

So, I do my best to cling to these: The true love of a good man, the support of family & friends, the presence of a faithful and holy God.