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What I’m Listening To | No. 8

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Daring to Hope Audiobook, Katie Davis Majors

This is my first book of Katie’s, and I’m excited to start.

An Interview with Lisa Whittle, Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Lisa was a refreshing personality to hear from. I have heard of her book I Want God, but don’t know much about it. I enjoyed hearing her story and why she is as passionate as she is.

How I Built This Podcast

I’m late to this party, but am enjoying it! Starbucks, Toms, Clif, etc.

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What I’m Listening To | No. 5

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Listen, Love, Repeat via Audible

“As we scatter kindness, we help to create a safe space where we can openly share the gospel with others. We get to see a life change right before our eyes. Not only the life of another. But our lives as well.” Karen Ehman

P.S. She’s coming to our church for an event in August! Super psyched.

Jonathan David & Melissa Helser

Favorites: Growing Roots and Melissa’s Story

Interview with Rebekah Gregory, victim of Boston Marathon Bombing – Feathers Podcast

Umm. Wow. Incredibly inspiring and eye-opening testimony of that day. God is good! And He is the best thing, even better than two healthy legs.

Real Talk Reflections – Running On Om

This is a new one I’ve found, about yoga and running and living healthfully.

“Really be clear about the boundary where something stops being supportive and starts being limiting and isolating. I think that is different for every person and different for every habit within every person.” –Nicole Antoinette