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a few favorites of late

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Eating lots of watermelon and peaches. Summer fruit is the bestttttt.

My sister told me about Quantico, so J and I watch a few episodes a week, and it’s suspenseful with a cool, crazy story line.

Discovered a new series about women in the Bible: The Esther Anointing.

“The refining of our characters is very essential to God’s plan for our lives. God cannot use a proud woman (or man). Being taken through a preparation process presses and purges out impurities of the heart and spirit, such as pride, rebellion, selfishness, and bitterness, so that we can be pliable in the hands of the Lord to follow His lead to fulfill our purposes. We can’t be an effective vessel with baggage weighing on us, effecting our ability to hear and obey God.”

Came across a new podcast called Feathers. Fun and refreshing. And The Last Battle for my work commute, of course. Also, with my niece and nephews around, it’s been a lot of jamming to Hillsong Young & Free. :)

Had dinner with a new couple visiting our church and hit it off super well. Really like it when that happens. 

Leaning into Father no matter your feelings, circumstances, or clarity. He is present, He is good, and oftentimes I have to preach to myself Truth, so that I don’t believe a lie.

I want to go home and make this salad recipe right now. (pictured)

What I’m Listening To | No. 4

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Happy Wednesday, friends! It’s still high of 84 here, but I’m pulling strong for cooler weather. Below are a few things that have been filling my car on commutes, earbuds during workouts, speakers while I work.

ESV App Audio Bible

I have started listening to the Bible when I drive or walk around the neighborhood, and it’s been amazing! Refreshing. Like a blanket of God’s words around me, filling the air and breathing new energy.

Burnt Toast – Food52 Podcast

Favorites: What We Cook When We Don’t Feel Like Cooking and Fat Isn’t Bad, Stupid is Bad

Bethel Music – You Are My One Thing

I have been inspired and drawn to worship of God with these videos of their live music set.

Let It Out – Katie Dalebout

Her podcast is like talking with a friend; she is relatable and friendly and gives good advice. She’s also a journaler, so it was a quick ‘in’ for me.

I Am Second – Chip and Joanna Gaines

Not necessarily a listen, but I loved this look into their upbringing, life, and love for the Lord.

What I’m Listening To | No. 3

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Craig Groeschel’s Leadership Podcast

This is a new one for me, but it was a suggestion by a trusted friend so I’m giving it a shot. It’s interesting, and pretty inspiring!

The Very Next Thing – Casting Crowns latest album

I discovered this yesterday, but the music is upbeat and the lyrics uplifting. It’s a nice work mix.

Ask Pastor John audio clips

Here, people write or email in with questions, and Pastor John Piper answers them. Audio clips are 8-15 minutes long, and quite insightful.

What I’m Listening To | No. 2

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Glorious in the Mundane – Christy Nockels’ new podcast

It’s new and fresh and have been enjoyable to listen to lately. Women from Ellie Holcomb to Lauren Chandler to Beth Moore… check it out if you’re feel adventurous.

We Will Not Be Shaken – Bethel

My soul lately is really digging ‘You Are My One Thing’ and ‘Nearness.’

The Village Church Podcast Show

Matt Chandler is one of my favorite pastors to listen to, so I was happy when I discovered they did a podcast!

The Happy Hour Episode With Bianca Juárez Olthoff – Jamie Ivey

“Bianca fires up audiences around the world with hilarious stories and profound Bible teaching as she inspires women to live with unquenchable passion. She loves God and is committed to speaking truth when it hurts, loving when it’s hard, and living life out loud. She earned a Master’s degree in Humanities and is now a writer and teacher in love with two men: Jesus and her husband, Matt. Bianca is also a stepmom who loves to have dance parties with her kids and their adorable dog. Bianca currently works as the Chief Storyteller for The A21 Campaign and Creative Director for Propel Women.”

Brave Enough – Lindsey Stirling

I can’t remember when I began listening to Lindsey Sterling, but it was a good day. It’s great instrumental music to design and work to, if you work at a computer all day like I do.

What I'm Listening To | No. 2 |

What I’m Listening To | No. 1

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I have become a podcast-listener, you guys. It used to be challenging for me to focus during an audio sermon or speech, but I have started down the road, and I’m digging it. So, as I listen to a variety of things, I want to share what speaks loud to me. They could be hilarious, or helpful, or inspiring, or encouraging. Hope anyone who finds these lists enjoys them also.

Olympic Spirituality: How Then Shall We Run? – John Piper

“God has not saved you to sit in the stands. God has not saved you to lie on the track. God has not saved you sit on the edge of the pool with your feet in the water. God has saved you to spend yourself for the glory of his Son (Philippians 1:20). “You are not your own. You were bought with a price. Glorify God in your body” (1 Corinthians 6:19–20). The point of salvation is to make the glory of God visible in the universe.”

The Happy Hour #100 – Jamie Ivey Podcast

I’ve been listening to The Happy Hour Podcast for a couple of months and it’s gold. Jamie is authentic, funny, and a cheerleader of all her guests (which include Shauna Niequist, Jessica Robertson, Jen Hatmaker, Emily Freeman, etc). It’s a conversation between two girlfriends about life, books, adventures, family, love, challenges, etc. This is her 100th episode, and her husband Aaron interviews her. It will make you laugh, and it’s a fun episode to start with if you’ve never listened to this podcast before.

Our Emotions Do Not Equal Our Circumstances – The Lively Show

“This episode is perfect for anyone who is looking to have more positive feelings and less emotional reactivity to circumstances (or other people’s emotions) in their lives.” Jess Lively

Justice and Law Enforcement – Matt Chandler

This was a perspective changer for me. Matt talks about these past few weeks, and sheds fresh light on law enforcement — what they endure, how they are treated, what they strive for, etc. It was an interesting listen for sure.

What I'm Listening To | No. 1 |